MediVentures LLC
Taking your Products to Market






MediVentures LLC ~ has
over 25 years of experience in the life science industry and over 100 years of experience and performance, cumulatively.



With a culture of continuous improvement and differentiation, we own or license proprietary products, patents and


Customer Focus

We make the products our customers want, with the quality they demand and the value they need. It’s why MediVentures and it’s Alliance Partners’ products are preferred.

MediVentures LLC is a go-to-market facilitator for human and animal

 health and wellness products companies. We are results oriented and  provide:

Strategic market consulting and sales execution services to vendors

competing for product positioning and placement in the US.

 We help organize, execute and manage our clients business most

efficiently and effectively, with brand and store brand development

and market penetration services.

We apply our major brand experience, execution strategies and

fulfillment knowledge to ensure acceptance and success of your new

and emerging brands.


A Global Leader in Life Science

• Extensive Manufacturing Capacity Utlizing
State of the Art Equipment and Technologies


• Complete Advanced Formulation and Product
Development Expertise and Services


• Analytical Laboratories for Thorough
Testing of Raw Materials and Finished Products


• Packaging and Labeling Creation and


• Regulatory Guidance and Assistance -
Domestic and International


•  Extensive Customer Base Expanding Over
All Market Categories for Broad Range Distribution