MediVentures LLC
Our Mission
Our sales and marketing expertise gets customers to your products.

Our Mission

MediVentures mission is to adapt to, and provide solutions for, ever increasing product and service complexity with health and wellness products buyers and consumers who have become more demanding and knowledgeable. We design, implement and manage effective marketing and sales functions that meet and exceed our clients and their customer’s expectations. We are Market and Sales Driven and Service Oriented.

Our Expertise

MediVentures focuses exclusively on the two areas that create customer demand; marketing and sales. As a result, our expertise provides a range of sales and marketing related services in the OTC, (over-the-counter), consumer health care packaged goods, animal nutrition and devices industries. These services include, but are not limited to, client and customer interface, product and package development, marketing and sales strategies, direct and indirect selling across multiple market segments, internal and external sales training and sales force management, lean distribution services and account development, management and implementation of revenue and profit growth strategies and premier customer service.

operates on seven specific areas of focus


  • Unique, Highest Quality and Innovative Breakthrough Bio-Science Based
    HealthCare Products
  • Patents Protected with Enforced Intellectual Property
  • Scientific and Clinical Studies Proving Product Efficacy, Safety and
  • Key Technology Platforms Including  Proprietary and Patented Formulations,
    Delivery Modalities, and Enhanced Bio-Functionality
  • Patented Science Based and Clinically Proven Products Addressing a
    Significant Market Need and Opportunity
  • Advanced and Improved Products, Technologies and Educational materials to Support Human and Animal Health and Well-Being
  • Science Based Solutions for Efficacious Store Brand Categories with Advanced Condition Specific Supplements.